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You know how people say to aim for the stars, and then if you miss it, you could land on the moon? Well, a good place to test that is in your upcoming SAT exam. We think that if you can aim for anything, then you can as well aim for a perfect score! Especially since aiming is free, there’s absolutely no charge! College Board doesn’t demand extra registration fees for those aiming for a perfect score and also, they aren’t going to make the questions any harder for those aiming for it, neither will they make it any easier. It stays the same. The only variable here is your target, that and your confidence in yourself.

Now, even though aiming for a perfect score is free and is pretty easy (all you have to do is to make up your mind) it doesn’t necessarily mean that getting it will be easy too, no. It requires lots of self-motivation, hard work, and sacrifice. But remember that anybody can get a good score but only a certain upper class of students ever gets a perfect score. The word “perfect” in itself is already discriminatory and tells you up-front that it doesn’t make itself available to just anybody. But how do you sneak yourself into that upper class of perfection? Is there a secret formula that the perfection-class students know and apply that you don’t know? Or are they just born to be perfect? Can you also belong to that class? What does it take? It’s why we are here: to walk you through the steps.

The SAT is a Unique Exam!

First of all, you must understand that the SAT is not like any other test you’ve ever written in school. For folks in Nigeria, it’s not like WAEC or NECO, or the mock exams you wrote in your SS2, or the class test your wicked further math teacher used to give you guys every Friday. The SAT is very very different. Write that down somewhere, the SAT is different from any other test you have ever written in all your life. In fact, it’s tougher, not because the questions are necessarily beyond the scope of what you were taught in high school or secondary school, but because SAT is what we will call a very big set up.

All the questions are questions you know normally, and if only the College Board could just be a little straightforward, nearly everyone who sits for the test would pass with flying colors. But, in order to retain that competitive edge, the College Board twists its questions to the point that all the options begin to look the same (and correct if we might add) and if you’re too hasty, you might just conclude that the answer isn’t there, probably after going over the question a million times.

By the way, if that happens, don’t even think of calling the invigilator, you’ll look silly cos the answer is always in the options. Yes, College Board is detailed like that.

The SAT is a Standardized Test

However, the good news is that the SAT is a standardized test. Now, what does that mean and what does that weigh in the grand scheme of things? It means that the SAT sets its questions in the same pattern every year, no changes. It does this so that the test remains a true and trustworthy standard for measuring students through different years. That is, no set is disadvantaged or more advantaged than the other due to the increased difficulty or simplicity (as the case may be) of one test on one date over another test on another date.

Do you get it? So, here’s the good part of the good news: this right here is our way into the perfect score. How? Because if the same pattern is used every test without fail, then obviously the test pattern (pattern not questions) would be very predictable! And you know what that means? We can take the time to practice and master every single detail about the SAT and snag that perfect score like it’s our right!

But Do You Really Want a Perfect SAT Score?

Just before we get too excited, we need to be sure that you really really want to get a perfect score. Notice we didn’t say “need”, we said “want” cos you can need something without wanting it. If you don’t want it really badly and we still haven’t been able to convince you with our opening paragraphs, or the prospects of scholarships falling into your laps like candy from a piñata or even going Ivy league with your college/university education don’t fascinate you, then we suggest you quit reading this post now. Cos you won’t get it. Nobody, we repeat, nobody who ever got a perfect score ever stumbled into it. Not one. They each knew they wanted it, and why they wanted it from the get-go and then they went for it.

Now, if you do want a perfect score, ask yourself why you want it? There are no right or wrong answers to this question; just know why you want it, for whatever reason it may be. Then write it out clearly on paper, whether with colour pens or printed in black and white, whichever way fits your persona best.

Write Down Your Goals

Paste what you have written in a vantage position, somewhere you and every other person will be able to easily see and read it because you’ll need this on those days when you’re so frustrated you couldn’t care less about getting a perfect score anymore. In those days, you’d need those reasons to remind you and to motivate you to carry on. Do not leave them in your mind, the mind can forget sometimes and especially when it’s overwhelmed by worry, doubt, and frustration, it might need to be reminded why it started in the first place, which is the function of your motivation banner. When the going gets tough, you look up to it and draw inspiration.

And now, to what may probably be the grandmother of all deciding factors for those who will “actually make” a perfect score among those who “want to” make a perfect score: S.A.C.R.F.I.C.E. You’re gonna have to sacrifice a lot. And first and foremost, you know where we’re headed, yes, it’s your phone (and your numerous other gadgets). Yes, we know that teenagers and their gadgets are conjoined twins, joined at the brain. But for the time period, it will take you to practice for this all-important test, you’ll need some time off. Now, we’re not saying never to use your phone and gadgets again, we’re just saying that study time must be hallowed and sacrosanct and your gadgets must be kept at bay for full concentration.

Getting a Perfect SAT Score Begins in Your Mind

We know there’s #fomo, the fear of missing out, but go back to your motivation banner, now close your eyes and picture yourself in that moment, and create a very strong mental image. Now, ask yourself will it all be worth it in the end? If the answer is yes, then you have all the reasons you could ever need to make all the sacrifice necessary, even it’s a small price like shirking your phone for a few hours at a stretch every day.

You’ve probably noticed in all of these that we haven’t gone into any specific strategy to get a perfect score in the SAT at all, but we did that for a reason. We have taken a great deal of time to focus on your mind because this is where half the battle is won. If we can get your mind to function in the right frame, then we can easily help you on your journey to getting a perfect score. That was how Hitler was able to come so close to conquering the entire world! Before getting his soldiers to fight, he took his time to re-orientate his troop’s mindset, by changing the way they thought and the way they viewed the world and themselves too.

Check All the SAT Perfect Score Boxes

Remember that the entire work will be done by you, we only help. Like a woman in labour for instance (pardon the image) the nurses and midwives only help to facilitate the process but the work of pushing the baby out of the womb is entirely the woman’s. That’s why she takes all those ante-natal classes in preparation for the work. In the same vein, that’s why we have taken you through all these pre-strategy classes. So that you don’t get lost and confused when the real work comes.

So, so far, if you think you check all the boxes and are therefore ready to give all it takes to get a perfect score, then take a deep breath cos our next post: “How to Get a Perfect Score on the SAT II” goes hardcore on the nitty-gritty of the whole affair. There’s no holding back, no restraint, and no mercy at all, cos in the upper echelons of perfection, the SAT forgives not. Are you ready to undertake the journey for the brave? Then leggo!