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Scholarship Opportunities

Taking short courses and trainings offered by recognised institutions is another way to improve yourself professionally and academically. But if you don’t have the required funds to pursue the one you like, you can take advantage of free online courses and training scholarships offered by these institutions to international students.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship (USA)

The Humphrey Fellowship Program, named after Hubert H. Humphrey, offers a year of professional development to professionals from a selected number of countries who also have a wealth of experience in their field. Fellows in this program are selected based on leadership potential and commitment to public service – in the private or public sector. These fellowships are fully-funded and they cover all expenses related to the program.

  • Participating Institutions: Participating US Universities. Applicants don’t get to choose the institutions they want to attend but are assigned to the most appropriate institutions in groups.
  • Programme(s): Non-degree
  • Deadline: October 1 (annually)
  • Subject area: The fellowship offers opportunities in professional development through university courses, conferences, work experiences, and networking in the following areas:

Agricultural and Rural Development, Communications/Journalism, Economic Development, Educational Administration, Planning and Policy, Finance and Banking, Higher Education Administration, HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention, Human Resource Management, Law and Human Rights, Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change, Public Health Policy and Management, Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration, Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, Technology Policy and Management, Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention, Urban and Regional Planning

  • Number of Scholarships offered: Approximately 200 fellowships are given annually
  • Award Value: The fellowship covers the cost of tuition and fees, an English language training program where necessary, living allowance, one-time settling allowance, accident and medical allowance, book allowance, one-time computer subsidy, Air fare from the applicant’s country to the US and for domestic travel to events, professional development allowance for relevant activities including field trips, conferences, and professional visits.
  • Eligibility:
  • Application Instructions: Application deadlines are country-specific and may fall within May and September every year. The nominating Bi-national Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy advises applicants on the deadline for application submission. Nominations must be submitted to the Institute of International Education in Washington by October 1. For more information, see the Public Affairs Section of the U.S Embassy or Bi-national Fulbright Commission in your country.
  • Official Scholarship Website: For more information on how to apply, click here

Endeavour Vocational Education and Training Scholarships (Australia)

The Endeavour VET Scholarship offers financial assistance to international applicants who wish to participate in the VET in order to obtain a Diploma, Advanced Diploma in any field of study offered in Australia for a period of not more than 2 and a half years. VET provides work-related or occupational skills and knowledge to participants and the courses are offered are related to an occupation or trade. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, travel fare, travel and health insurance and it also provides the applicant with some grant for establishment and a monthly stipend.

  • Participating Institutions: Higher Education Institutions or Universities in Australia
  • Programme(s): Diploma/ Associate Degree
  • Deadline: June 30 (Annually)
  • Subject area: A diploma, Advanced Diploma, or an Associate Degree in any subject taught at any of the Participating Universities
  • Number of Scholarships offered: Not Specified
  • Award Value: The scholarship is valued at $131,000 to cover cost of tuition for the duration of the programme, travel costs, establishment expenses, monthly living allowance, travel and health insurance.

The scholarship is valid for 1 to 2 ½ years.

  • Eligibility: Applicants must:
  1. Be 18 years or older at the commencement of the programme
  2. Be permanent residents or citizens of participating countries
  3. Commence the proposed programme after January 1 and not later than November 30. Applicants who are already enrolled in the programme are not eligible for this scholarship
  4. Submit requisite supporting documents.
  5. Not be or have been beneficiaries of any Australian Government-sponsored scholarship.
  6. Not apply for categories of the Endeavour Fellowship or Scholarship they have benefited from before.
  • Application Instructions: Endeavour VET scholarship applicants are required to attach a formal admission letter from the Australian institution for the year the scholarship will be awarded. You can submit your application through the Endeavour Online (EOL) system by June 30. You can also check the guidelines to stay updated.
  • Official Scholarship Website: For more information on how to apply, click here

Netherlands Fellowship Program for Short Courses (Netherlands)

Nuffic provides scholarships for short courses offered in Netherlands to international students from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe through the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). The selected short training courses are offered by a number of institutions in the Netherlands who provide the training at the post-secondary level in different subject areas. On completing these courses which will normally take 2 to 12 months, the student receives a diploma or a Dutch Certificate. The allowance offered to a fellow of NPF is a contribution to the fellow’s cost of living.

  • Participating Institutions: Dutch Institutions and Universities
  • Programme(s): Certificate/Diploma
  • Deadline: March/July/October
  • Subject area: You want to be sure you are well-informed. So we advise you to follow this link to see eligible courses and the institutions that offer them. You can then confirm if the institution of your choice offers your preferred course. And while you are at it, confirm that the course of your choice is NFP-qualified.
  • Number of Scholarships offered: Not specified
  • Award Value: An NFP fellow receives a grant that supplements the salary he or she will continue to or be receiving during the study programme. This is a contribution to covering costs like living expenses, tuition fees, insurance, travel fare, and thesis research. Whenever it’s applicable, the fellow will cover the difference between the total cost he or she will be required to pay without funding and the amount the NFP allowance provides.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must:
  1. Be citizens of, working in, and living in any country listed by NFP
  2. Be recommended by an employer with an employer’s statement using the EP-Nuffic format.
  3. Not be employees of organisations that have staff-development programmes. Examples of such are: Multinationals like Shell, Microsoft, or Unilever; large national or commercial companies; bilateral donor organisations like USAID, Sida, FinAid, or SwissAid; multilateral donor organisations like African Development Bank, UN, World Bank, or IMF. Employees of international NGOs like Oxfam and Care are also not eligible.
  4. Have a valid international passport
  5. Not be beneficiaries of multiple fellowships for programmes that run concurrently.
  • Application Instructions: Applications are made directly to preferred Dutch higher education institutions. When you’ve confirmed the course you want and the institution that offers it then you can contact them for application procedures.
  • Official Scholarship Website: For more information on how to apply, click here

VLIR-UOS Training Scholarships (Belgium)

VLIR-UOS provides scholarships to international students from some developing counties in Africa, Asia, and Latin America so that these students can enrol for a Training and Master’s Programme that is related to development from any of the Belgian universities. This scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, travel costs, living expenses, and other costs related to the program.

  • Participating Institutions: Any participating Belgian Flemish college or university
  • Programme(s): VLIR-OUS Training or Master’s Degree
  • Deadline: varies (annually)
  • Subject area: Any English-taught Master’s or training programme at the participating university
  • Number of Scholarships offered: Not specified
  • Award Value: This scholarship provides full aid for the cost of tuition, accommodation, international travel, and insurance for the entire length of the Master’s or training programme.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:
  • Citizenship and Country of Residence: Candidates must be citizens and residents of one of the 31 VLIR-OUS listed countries at the time of the application.
  • Age: Applicants must be 35 years old or younger to enrol for the initial master’s and at most 40 years old for advanced master’s. Candidates enrolling for an ITP should also not be older than 45 years. All ages are against the January 1 timeline.
  • Candidates who are employed in research institutes, social economy, governments, academic institutions, or NGOs or are aspiring to be involved in one of these areas are usually more preferred than other applicants. Applicants employed in the corporate profit sector or new graduates without work experience are also eligible to apply.
  • Application Instructions: Applications submitted directly to VLIR-OUS by candidates will not be considered. Applicants must apply for the Master’s or training programme first before they can apply for the scholarship. For specific application instructions you may want to page check the application of the website.
  • Official Scholarship Website: For more information on how to apply, click here