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Argo Brothers is a well-known name in the world of educational consulting and test prep publishing. It provides supplementary educational products and services which aim to challenge, educate, and motivate learners towards achieving success in their academic pursuits. These products are prepared using first class methods and packed full with content from professionals in their fields.

We absolutely love the fact that this study book is affordable and yet offers really great features custom made for your success. Let’s have a look:

It comes with 7 full-length practice tests: 2 in the book, and 5 on the online platform which, by the way, you have access to by virtue of getting this book.

You also get over ten hours of video lectures on several concepts and sections of the test.

There’s a free live support where you can chat one-on-one with a tutor that will answer all your questions on any problem area at all. And guess what? It’s open all week from 8am to 6pm EST!

All sections come with a comprehensive overview, with full-length practice tests.

And you might be interested to know that the questions found in the practice tests are actually quite similar to the actual GRE in difficulty level.

## Bottom-line: This is a great book, especially since the questions in it are quite similar to actual GRE questions in terms of the level of difficulty. You’ll be correctly confident if you get this book and if you’re not hiring a tutor, you might want to get this book as many concepts are explained from the scratch.

## Suggested Combo: Argo Brothers GRE Test Prep 2018 + The Princeton Review: Cracking the GRE Premium Edition 2018