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For over 65 years, Barron’s, employing state-of-the-art technology, has contributed immensely to the pool of the prep materials for defining exams. Its materials have been tested and trusted by many to be among the best available right now, testifying to the success of this brand. By dividing its content into bite sizes, it has helped test-takers personalize their learning paths, making learning and studying even more effective for unique individuals.

Check out what its Barron’s GMAT 2nd Edition brings to the table:

In the first place, it is written by two leading GMAT experts and award-winning instructors who are actually two of the best you can find in North America, and that’s saying something.

Next, you get a diagnostic test in this book that helps you to correctly analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then helps you draw a corresponding battle plan.

The review questions in this book are more targeted than random. There are additional questions for particularly tough subject areas such as Probability, Parallelism, and Data Sufficiency. So, fret not, “problem areas” would be “easy areas” by the time you are done.

All methods for solving all questions are explained in a step-wise and strategic manner. This way, you won’t get lost in all the jargon, you are always carried along.

Then there is a full-length practice test online to help you put to test all that you must have garnered from studying this material.

##Bottom-line: This book is best for a beginner. It’s questions aren’t quite tough and might present a false level of confidence, if the individual relies solely on it. Its math section, however, is quite solid and explanations are comprehensible, with strategies that can help you beat time.

##Suggested combo: Barron’s GMAT 2nd Edition + GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle