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Barron’s has consistently used world-class technology to prepare some of the best prep materials for different defining exams used by thousands of students across the world today. For over 65 years, it has kept up with its standard style of operation, which is to divide its materials into chunk sizes that help learners personalize their learning paths in order to obtain optimum results from studying and ultimately achieve success on test day.
So what exactly does the Barron’s SAT, 27th Edition bring to the table? Check it out;
It contains a diagnostic test which will help you to correctly assess your strong areas and your problem areas.

It also gives an overview into how the entire SAT system works, so you can know what to expect, understand the psyche of the test takers, and work out how best to satisfy them.
Plenty of tactics and strategies here, people! It’s not just enough to work hard, you’ve got to work smart and this book helps you do just that.

Also contained in this book are focused subject reviews on critical reading, grammar and usage, and math.

Plus, you also get detailed instructions on how best to write a knockout SAT essay.

And then you get to try out all that you’ve learned with the 6 full-length practice tests included.

If you get the optional CD-ROM, you will also get two additional full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and fully explained answers.

Purchase of this book also grants you an exclusive access to Barron’s online SAT course and here’s what that offers you:
1) A diagnostic test
2) A personalized study guide so you can effectively focus your time and energy for the best results.
3) Video lessons from experts to walk you through problem areas and master them.
4) Additional quizzes and extra questions to help you practice further into a perfect score.
5) Finally, you also get a skill report and a SAT score projection to track your performance and monitor your progress.

##Bottom-line: This book is solid for a beginner. It’s very comprehensive and covers almost everything you’ll need to get a good score on the SAT but bear in mind that questions in this book are not as tough as the actual SAT questions. Use this to study but practice tougher questions from a different prep book.

##Suggested combo: Barron’s SAT, 27th Edition + Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition