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Using state-of-the-art technology, Barron’s, for over 65 years has been contributing to the availability of the best prep material for defining exams and with success too. Its style of operation is to divide content into bite sizes which helps them to personalize learning paths for the thousands that practice with its materials.

The Barron’s GRE, 22nd Edition is a great GRE study book with many outstanding features that will sure thrill you. Check them out:

First off, you get to “diagnose” your “GRE preparedness syndrome” with a diagnostic test which also comes with detailed answers and explanations. This way, you know how ready you are and which areas are your problem areas and your strengths too.

The verbal reasoning section comes with practice questions in sentence completion and reading comprehension.

The Analytical Writing section also shows you how this section is scored at the GRE, and then gives you some practice questions to try your hands at. You know it’s one thing to think you got it and another to actually get it.

The quantitative reasoning section comes with general strategies on discrete quantitative questions, quantitative comparison questions, and data interpretation questions too. This helps so you don’t have to spend so much time on those dastardly math questions.

It also comes with two full-length practice tests that closely model actual GRE tests.

If you add the optional CD-ROM, you would get a few extras like:

A personalized GRE study plan, expert video lessons, a comprehensive GRE skill report to track your progress, and a score projection for your actual GRE test (you know it’s just that, a projection. No need to be hard on yourself if it doesn’t turn out great. Just work harder!).

## Bottom-line: Questions here are not as tough as the actual GRE test questions, although it comes with loads of tips and tricks for math questions to help you get your answers without solving fully. Best for a beginner.

## Suggested Combo: Barron’s GRE, 22nd Edition + Magoosh GRE Prep