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If there’s one company that knows its way around college admissions and processes, it’s Princeton Review. For many years, this company has provided learners and educators alike with test prep services, tutoring, admission resources, online resources, and books to facilitate better teaching, improve learning, and increase the number of success stories. There are over 4000 tutors on duty over at this company so you can be sure that the knowledge-base is broad enough to get you to a vantage point in your preparation for whatever exam it is.

Here’s what its Cracking the SAT Premium Edition, 2018 offers you:
1) It covers a comprehensive review on every section of the test.
2) Also, it features complex reading passages, and higher level math problems for valuable practice. This way, there won’t be any surprises on test day.
3) This book comes with all question types possible, with multi-step problems, passage-based grammar questions, and other kinds of questions you will find on test day, which affords you more practice on everything you’ll see on the actual SAT.
4) To help you work smart, this book is salted with tips and tricks to help you beat the test and save time. And it even gives you examples on how these strategies can be applied.
5) For practice, this package offers you 7 full-length practice tests: 4 in the book and 3 online.
6) There are drills for each section: that is the reading, writing and language, and math.
7) All online practice tests come with scores and reports to help you analyse your performance level and track progress.
8) Then there are videos that help to teach strategies even better and explain common problem topics.

Other essential info you’ll find on the site that aren’t necessarily relevant to the test itself include: college and university rankings to help with your decision on where to apply.
And lastly, there’s an “SAT Insider” section that helps with loads of useful info on picking the right school and writing an outstanding essay.

##Bottom-line: This book is really great and in-depth in its explanation, and it’s a plus that it really does well with lots of tips and strategies to help beat time and work smarter.

##Suggested combo: Cracking the SAT Premium Edition, 2018 by Princeton Review + Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition