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The Graduate Management Admissions Council, makers of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is an association of top business schools around the world. Since its inception, its mission has been to meet the need of business schools and students with its array of services, products, and programmes. It has become the primary source for all kinds of research and information about quality management education around the world, being taken over 230 000 times yearly in more than 100 countries, and 2000 schools.
Made by the test makers themselves, we’re quite sure the expectation is already quite high. Let’s check out its offerings now and see how this book fares:

This package boasts over 1500 actual GMAT questions from past exams. And then there are also 130 new, never-before-seen questions to further aid practice.When you purchase this book, you also get an exclusive one-year access to where you can build your own practice test using the plethora of questions available.

Also, you will meet a diagnostic test that helps you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. You should take this test more than a little seriously, it’s given by the test makers themselves, if they say you’ve got a weakness somewhere then you best believe it and get to work ASAP.

You get comprehensive grammar and math reviews, with actual essay topics, sample responses, and information on how these essays are scored.

##Bottom-line: Whatever you practice with, this book is a must-have as it features actual GMAT questions and that’s something you can’t get anywhere else. But that’s where it stops, really. It does not take the pain to explain concepts and the likes and it does not explain answers in details. Well, to be fair, if they did that the test would lose it competitiveness. So, really, this is more of a compendium of real-life GMAT questions.

##Suggested combo: GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle + Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Test, 6th Edition by Manhattan Prep