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Kaplan has kept the flag of success flying for over 80 years and yet that’s not what makes this brand so loved by test takers. Revolutionizing test prep through its quality online and offline prep materials, plus a first-class faculty, it has consistently helped write several success stories for several across the world.

With psychometricians to put the checks and balances on questions, studying with Kaplan is almost synonymous to taking the real test.
The GMAT Prep Plus 2018 by Kaplan Test Prep is an outstanding book, no doubt, and here are some of the things you get if you decide to get it:

First off, Kaplan offers a money back guarantee if you do not increase your test score, that’s quite heavy. These guys are so certain!

There are over 1200 practice questions in this book, and they all come with detailed solutions, well explained.

Among the 1200, there are 40 advanced quantitative questions, and updated integrated reasoning questions too.

There is one full-length practice test in this book and access to five others online. That’s not the exciting part, the exciting part is that the online practice tests come in the same format as the one you’ll be seeing on test day.

Also online, you can customize your practice, either choosing to practice according to difficulty or according to topics, according to how you want it. There are 200 questions to play with, so enjoy!

Purchasing this book also comes with free access to Kaplan’s faculty for one-on-one counseling and support on whatever topic is giving you challenges.

Videos always help and Kaplan understands that, so with this book, you get online access to video workshops to help you master methods and strategies already discussed so they stick.

##Bottom-line: This book gives a great overview and if you’re pressed for time, you can use alone but don’t expect miracles. It’s got several strategies that work too but if you have time on your side and you want to cover a lot, then get something to supplement.

##Suggested combo: GMAT Prep Plus 2018 by Kaplan Test Prep + Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Test, 6th Edition by Manhattan Prep