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And of course, we all know the amazing For Dummies brand that has helped millions save face by demystifying huge concepts and breaking them down to the layman in the most down-to-earth, and non-intimidating way possible. This brand has countless helpful books to its credit with many of them translated into various languages.

We would say not to get offended at the title but we guess you’re already quite familiar with the “For Dummies” brand. So let’s get into what’s between the covers.

In the famous “For Dummies” style, this book is written in a down-to-earth and friendly style for easy understanding.

It comes with 100’s of practice questions with many full-length practice tests for ample practice with well explained and detailed answers.

It equally furnishes you with strategies to help you focus and manage your time effectively. As you well know half the battle is conquered in the mind, so this is great news.

It features tools to help you gauge your preparedness level.

It also takes you through a step-by-step process for writing a winning essay.

And then you get general info about the GRE test experience like what to take to the test, registration, test procedure, etc.  Awwnnn...How thoughtful.

With this book, you also get access to online practice questions for one full year!

## Bottom-line: if you’re really pressed for time, then get this book. You’ll get a really great overview about the GRE test and the works.

## Suggested Combo: GRE For Dummies: With Online Practice Tests + ETS Official Guide to the GRE Super Power Pack