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This brand is no novice to the test prep business as it has been around for a while. It has helped countless test takers with its quality prep materials which are prepared by its staff of experts who have also taken these tests. With the GRE Prep Study Guide, you get more than practice, you get a holistic overview to test taking.

From the name of the book, you probably already know what to expect from it but just before you literally judge a book by its cover, you might want to take a look at these:

It covers an overview of skills you need to get admitted into a graduate program.

It also gives an analytical rundown on verbal reasoning skills.

Analytical writing is given an in-depth explanation.

There are quite a number of practice questions here and they come with detailed answers and explanations.

Points out tons of ways to avoid common pitfalls, with critical information on test concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary.

The entire book is written in a really simple language and is also broken down into sections for easy reference.

It even gives you some tips on how you can use your keyboard and save time for the computer-based test!

## Bottom-line: Like the name implies, it is for quick study. Get this if you just need to brush up or if you’re pressed for time. It does not contain too many materials that could intimidate you but it still covers wide.

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