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From Berkeley, California, Magoosh serves the whole world with video lessons, practice test questions, and many more educational services that have helped students study for success. This online test prep company aims to make test prep more enjoyable, affordable, and effective, by making studying more flexible and on-the-go with its free mobile apps for both iPad and Android.

Another GRE study book that equally kills it is the Magoosh GRE Prep, and here are some of the amazing reasons why:

It pools some of the best practice questions from its online platform into one book.

It features well-explained lessons on quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing assessment.

It also comes with 130+ questions with answers that are detailed and thoroughly explained.

Each question comes with statistics that reveal the difficulty level, and percentage of students that typically answer correctly based on the data gathered from online prep.

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to Analytical Writing Assessment with examples that can help you practice.

The language here is easy-to-understand.

It also gives a lot of basic info on GRE in general and what to expect from the test.

## Bottom-line: This book is great for self-study, even if you don’t have a tutor, with lots of useful information about GRE as it explains concepts really thoroughly. Don’t expect many practice questions though.

## Suggested Combo: Magoosh GRE Prep + 5lb Manhattan Book of GRE Practice Problems 2018