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Manhattan Prep believes that test prep can also be an avenue for a proper education, especially with a great teacher that can make a big difference. Based on this premise, instructors over here are smart test takers and talented teachers who have all the experience to help you score your best in any of your tests.

This is the behemoth itself, the 5lb Manhattan Book of GRE Practice Problems! (this book weighs about 5 pounds actually. No jokes!) You’ll now see why it stole our hearts and the top spot:

Just before you begin, there’s a diagnostic quantitative and verbal reasoning test that helps you analyze where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can know how to channel your energy.

It comes with over 1800 practice questions that cover every topic tested in the GRE

Of course, there are enough practice tests for you to try your hands on. These tests mirror the actual GRE questions themselves.

All questions are answered with easy-to-follow explanations, and you’ll also be taken through a step-by-step application of these answers.

In addition to numerous questions in this book, there’s still an online bank of questions that afford you realistic, computer-based practice.

And if you’re math-phobic, there’s no need to worry. This book is quite solid on math with over 500 questions made available to you.

## Bottom-line: This book is really really helpful. The questions here are tougher than the actual GRE questions so if you do well with the book, you’ll definitely do well in your GRE. But… only get this if you have a lot of time before the test. And then this book does not offer lessons on any topic; just questions and answers as the name implies.

## Suggested Combo: 5lb. Manhattan Book of GRE Practice Problems 2018 + Argo Brothers GRE Test Prep 2018