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By focusing on research, McGraw Hill Education has successfully helped many learners unlock their full potential by improving their learning experiences with efficient and effective means that have been proven to work. Combining the science of learning with the art of teaching, this company hopes to create a future where educators can impart knowledge and students can learn in a more systematic and effective way.

Let’s check out the offerings of the Mc-Graw Hill Education SAT, 2018, shall we?
1) It comes with a diagnostic test to help assess your level of preparedness for the SAT.
2) Then, it comes with 4 full-length practice tests in the book which gives you ample room to prepare.
3) There is a comprehensive overview of the test itself to see how it works and the idea behind it. This overview also includes info on scoring too. You should know that this already helps you win half the battle.
4) Practice questions here are quite realistic and come with thorough answer explanations.
5) You’ll also find specific tips for mastering reading comprehension.
6) There are hundreds of math problems here. These practice questions are quite identical to the ones you will find in an actual SAT.

Plus, this book covers extensively, challenge problems that reflect the SAT’s most difficult concepts. To help you organize your study schedule, there’s a free customizable test planner app thrown in.

##Bottom-line: This book is great on math!!! But the questions are a bit tougher than the actual SAT. It’s got lots of explanations and strategies to help, but then, we would advise this book for intermediate to advanced rather than beginners. They will understand this book better.

##Suggested combo: Mc-Graw Hill Education SAT, 2018 + Cracking the SAT Premium Edition, 2018 by Princeton Review