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McGraw Hill Education seeks to unlock the learner’s full potential by fast-tracking learning through engaging, efficient, and effective experiences that have their bases in research. This brand combines the science of learning with the art of teaching to create a future where educators can impart, and learners can learn in a more systematic and effective way.

So what should you expect to get when you get the McGraw Hill GRE 2018? We have listed them right here. Check them out:

Every section of this book is given a general review to help you refresh and at least give you a clue as to what you’re going to practice.

There are also three full-length practice tests contained within the wraps and you know what that means.

Analytical writing practice is well-covered, even coming with sample high-scoring essays. Amazing!

And because everyone needs a hand up, the McGraw Hill GRE 2018 also presents tips, shortcuts, and tools to avoid traps and save time and minimize your mistakes.

Even with the tips and tricks, all sections are still given an in-depth analysis, so no, this isn’t a book of shortcuts. It’s well balanced.

## Bottom-line: This book appears to be stronger on its math game than other sections. If your main trouble is math, this book rocks!

## Suggested Combo: McGraw Hill GRE 2018 + Argo Brothers GRE Test Prep 2018