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Founded in December of 1899, the College Board made it its aim to expand college admissions opportunities. It does this by running assessments (currently taken by millions of students around the globe); and offering resources and tools to schools, students and their parents, and educators to help with issues bordering on college admissions and recruitment, retention, financial aid and the likes. This non-for-profit organisation runs a membership institution association that currently comprises over 6000 schools.
The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition is written by the test makers themselves and you can hardly go wrong with it, but let’s go further and look at what this book really offers.

There are 8 official SAT practice tests here. Yep, you read right, 8. And yes they are written by the test makers themselves.

Also there are detailed descriptions of the math, and evidence-based reading and writing sections.

Each SAT question type is reviewed in this book, with targeted practice questions to try your hands on.

The new optional essay is treated here with guidance on how-to, plus there are also practice essay questions with sample responses too.

All these practice tests are also offered online on Khan Academy for on-the-go practice.

All questions also come with answers and explanations.

##Bottom-line: Aside the fact that this book is written by the test-makers themselves, it trumps all others because of the plethora of practice tests it makes available on paper. This works because the SAT is a paper and pencil test and the more you practice that way, the more prepared you get for test day. But slight issue though, explanations aren’t exactly crystal, probably because it’s written by the test makers and giving too much away would be tantamount to the test losing its competitiveness.

##Suggested Combo: Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition + Cracking the SAT Premium Edition, 2018 by Princeton Review.