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Boasting a first-class faculty of academic professionals, Kaplan is indeed well equipped to offer educational advice to test takers all over the world for all kinds of defining exams. And it has been doing that for over 80 years. With years of experience, it has perfected its techniques, bursting with lots of tested and proven strategies on how best to beat these exams and get admitted into the college of your dreams just like the other 95% of students who have studied with Kaplan.

So what makes Kaplan so confident about this test prep material that it offers you a money-back guarantee? Come take a look at its features:
1) It’s got over 1400 practice questions and each comes with a detailed explanation.
2) There are five full-length practices here: 2 in the book and 3 online.
3) It also gives expert scoring with analysis, and explanations on how those questions are scored for two Official College Board SAT practice tests.

There are loads of strategies with tips and tricks also included so you can beat time.
SmartPoint by Kaplan will help you see how many points you stand to earn by mastering any topic.

And as usual, psychometricians were in on the preparation of this material to ensure that questions are true to the test.

##Bottom-line: Kaplan gives a great overview of the SAT’s and answers are indeed detailed. Beginners will enjoy this book as concepts are explained and questions aren’t too tough. However, we have a major issue with how more of the resources are online considering the fact that the SAT is yet a paper and pencil test. This move makes this book quite counterintuitive. It’s great for explanation but get something else for more adaptive practice.

##Suggested combo: SAT Prep Plus 2018 by Kaplan Test Prep + Mc-Graw Hill Education SAT, 2018