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The Princeton Review, a college admission services company, has, for many years, provided learners and educators alike with test prep services, tutoring, admission resources, online resources, and books to aid learning and academic success. Staffed by over 4000 teachers and tutors, it’s obvious that this company has a robust knowledge-base to bring the learner up to speed on all that he needs to know concerning any test he chooses to take.

This GRE study book is a great companion in your quest to conquer the GRE. Here is what it brings to the table:

There are thorough topic reviews for you to gain understanding before you try your hands out on the 6 full-length practice tests.

Each test section comes with a drill.

At the end of each practice test, you get a step-by-step guide and an interpretation of your test results.

It also features tips for avoiding traps, and tips for saving your time, with several examples of how to apply them to your advantage.

With this book, you are afforded access to the online platform where you get key info about grad school admissions, testing calendars and financial aid.

Plus, you also get video tutorials with multi-week study guides too.

## Bottom-line: A comprehensive book especially if you have ample time before the test.

## Suggested Combo: The Princeton Review: Cracking The GRE Premium Edition 2018 + ETS Official Guide to the GRE Super Power Pack